On the occasion of holy wedding of grandchildren

On the occasion of your holy wedding
It is the parents who arrange the marriages in our country,
For the memorable day the would-be groom and bride get ready,
Without knowing how they would undertake this difficult journey.
Here are certain tips that will help them make the sailing smooth and easy.
Both of you will have to work hard to that end
Nothing is painless, smooth and God-sent.
In the partnership man and woman are equal
There is no other golden rule in this ritual.

Remember men and women are created to be different
No wonder sometimes the partners are in disagreement.
At every occasion greet your life partner warmly;
By this nice gesture you will never feel melancholy.

Develop a keen interest in each other’s hobby,
That will make you attracted to each other and happy.
When in family matters you want to make a big decision;
Take your time and reach consensus through discussion.

Remember that to run the family is both partners’ responsibility;
When urgently needed don’t run away dodging your duty.
To run the family smoothly the wife needs to be a good housekeeper.

The best way to do it is to make a list in a paper.
Remember the wise age old Chinese saying in this connection,
The strongest memory is fainter than the palest ink’s impression.

Eschew the habit of spending money just because you have plenty;
Without planning carefully your pockets will soon be empty.
To maintain cordial relations with in-laws be courteous;
This is the best way that your relation remains harmonious.

If one is ill the partner should feel the pain;
Sweet words said in sympathy never go in vain.
Indifference is a deadly disease in a conjugal life;
Cordiality should be the watchword between husband and wife.
In dispute be patient to listen to your partner;
You may have missed an important point in your anger.
When one is angry, the other should be quiet;
Silence is golden, it will prevent an unintentional fight.

It’s suicidal to lie to your wife;
It’s the cause of many a strife.
Suspicion is dangerous in conjugal life.
Stop mistrust if you want your marriage to survive
We beg your blessings for the success of our marriage;
that we save our nuptial bond with indomitable courage.

Dedicated to the young men and women
of the present generation
August 17, 2013

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