On the Wedding day of Yousuf and Aliza

On the Wedding day of Yousuf and Aliza
Only the other day you were an adorable baby boy;
But now you are a young man to fill our hearts with joy.

Today you and Aliza are united in bond of marriage;
May this bond be strengthened with love and courage.

You will have to work hard to that end;
Unless you earn it, nothing is God sent.

In this partnership man and woman are equal;
There is no other golden rule in this ritual.

Man and woman are created to be different;
No wonder if you are sometimes in disagreement.

At every occasion great each other warmly;
By this gesture you will not be melancholy.

Develop interest in each other’s hobby;
That will make you both very happy.

If you want to make a decision;
Do it through mutual discussion.

Be conscious of your duty; do it to the best of your ability,
whether at home or office, don’t forget your responsibility.

If Aliza wants wants to be a good housekeeper,
she should make a list of things in a paper.
Remember the age old chinese proverb in this connection,
‘longest memory is fainter that the palest ink’s impression.’

Don’t spend money just because you have plenty;
Without planning your pocket will soon be empty.

If one is ill, the other should feel the pain,
Sweet words said in sympathy never go in vain.

Indifference is a deadly disease in conjugal life;
Cordiality should be the watchword between husband and wife.

In dispute be patient to hear your partner;
You may have missed a point in your anger.
When one is angry, the other should be quiet;
Silence is golden, it will prevent an unintentional fight.

It is not good to lie to your wife;
it is the cause of many a strife.

Suspicion is dangerous in conjugal life;
Stop it, if you want your marriage to survive.

May Aliza and Yousuf earn so much fame;
that everyone remembers your name.
We pray for the happiness and long life of the couple;
May your combined efforts steer you through all your trouble.

16th August, 1981.

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